GOATWHORE – Interview with ZACK

1) What would possess you to join forces with the Scumdogs of the Universe for the 2014 GWAR B Q?

ZACK – We’ve actually always wanted to play it but our schedules never lined up. This year has an amazing group of bands and will be an honor to be a part of.

2) What can people expect from your set?

ZACK – People can expect new material off of our upcoming release as well as some older songs. Other than that, it’ll be a full on attack on the ear drums. Heads banging and horns in the air!

3) They say the GWAR B Q is the “wildest party anywhere”… What are you looking forward to the most about it?

ZACK – First and foremost I’m looking forward to playing, of course. After that the BBQ, booze, bands, and broads should keep us busy!

4) Now that the GWAR-B-Q will also serve as a tribute to Dave Brockie and Oderus Urungus, do you have any personal reflections on the man and/or the myth and how that shapes your involvement with the event this year?

ZACK – This is a perfect opportunity to take an unfortunate situation and turn it around a bit. I’m sure that’s the way Dave would have wanted it. Every time we’ve toured or crossed paths with GWAR they’ve been nothing but hospitable and kind to us. Dave was an absolute sweetheart and although he is missed, I am sure Oderus will be scowling down upon us!

5) As a fan, do you have a favorite GWAR story? How have the Scumdogs affected your life… go!

ZACK – To me, it was always amazing how they pulled off and coordinated that huge show on their own. The creative aspect and musicianship aside, that’s a whole lot of planning and logistics to take a show like that on the road. Very impressive!