IRON REAGAN – Interview with TONY

1) What would possess you to join forces with the Scumdogs of the Universe for the 2014 GWAR-B-Q?

TONY: It’s kind of a no brainer for us. We spent a lot of time on the road with GWAR this year. We did two separate tours through the U.S. with them. Iron Reagans favorite band of people/aliens.

2) What can people expect from your set?

TONY: Hopefully a lot of moshing and swear words. I really hope Ron Haddad wrecks shit in the pit when we play.

3) They say the GWAR-B-Q is the “wildest party anywhere”… What are you looking forward to the most about it?

TONY: I thought last year’s was great. If it’s anything like last years debauchery than we should be in for a rager of epic proportions and with this line up how could it not?!? BODY COUNT!!!!!!

4) Now that the GWAR-B-Q will also serve as a tribute to Dave Brockie and Oderus Urungus, do you have any personal reflections on the man and/or the myth and how that shapes your involvement with the event this year?

TONY: Dave had a strange love affair with Iron Reagan he was kind of the 6th member on the road with us. He even helped us out with some concepts for the new record. Songs like The Living Skull and Bill of Fights, well, that’s all shit Dave came up with while we were on the road together. We wrote half of that album on that last tour and it was great having him around to spit ball ridiculous concepts with us. I’m really glad and honored that we get to be a part of this huge celebration/tribute to such great guy. 

5) As a fan, do you have a favorite GWAR story? How have the Scumdogs affected your life… go!

TONY: I think I’ve toured with GWAR 4 or 5 times now. I have so many to choose from haha. One of my favorites is when Iron Reagan played the 9:30 club in D.C. with GWAR and they were almost finished with their set. I was hanging out at the side of the stage on the floor with this super pretty girl. During the middle of one of the songs Balsac motions to me to get my attention. He looks like he’s urgently trying to tell me something. I run up the steps to try to figure out what he was trying to say or if he needed help and just as I do that he comes tumbling down the platform RIGHT AT ME. Both of us go tumbling/flying off the stage and down the stairs into the guitar tech stand and eat complete shit. I help him up real fast and he keeps on playing without missing a beat. Unfortunately I am now however completely covered in Balsac sweat, gig body odor, rubber suit funk and weird concert slime. I was completely mortified and the girl I was with was pretty grossed out. It smelled so bad. I think some of it even got in my mouth. The girl took off and I spent the rest of the night scrubbing my face and dry heaving. Suck it Derks.