LOINCLOTH – Interview with TANNON

1) What would possess you to join forces with the Scumdogs of the Universe for the 2014 GWAR B Q?

TANNON: “The Taste of Nothingness”

2) What can people expect your set?

TANNON: “All glory to thee Satan, and praise as well, in heaven where thou reigned and in the depths of Hell (and a shitload of RIFFS)

3) They say the GWAR B Q is the “wildest party anywhere”… What are you looking forward to the most about it?

TANNON: “Get your children, plant a tree / Polish stone or poetry / The Fang speaks up, ‘”Remember death!'”

4) Now that the GWAR-B-Q will also serve as a tribute to Dave Brockie and Oderus Urungus, do you have any personal reflections on the man and/or the myth and how that shapes your involvement with the event this year?

TANNON: This is a repost of guitarist Tannon Penland’s reflections on the last time he and Dave met to do a radio interview for the “What the Fontaine” show on WRIR in Richmond,VA.


“It was invigorating to sit with Dave this night. Within seconds of meeting him outside of the studio conversation was going everywhere. In minutes, we had our fists in the air celebrating the good people of Richmond and the fact that for so many years, we, along with so many of you, have stood shoulder to shoulder in crusty rooms as our fellow Richmond comrades bludgeoned us with sublime riffage. It was utterly endearing to see Dave’s teenage-like giddiness over being in GWAR. It was as though he had just been asked to join. My impression was that even after so many years, he truly saw playing and creating with such an amazing array of musicians and artists as a supreme privilege!! Anyway, I got to laughing last night when I decided to play the classic rock radio/teenager game that is played when a beloved rocker passes- “I wonder who they are playing with in the beyond?”. You know the game- “I wonder if Bonham, Hendrix, Cliff Burton and Bon Scott have gotten something cooking? (the combinations are endless)

In Dave’s case (or Oderus’) the only thing I concluded was that I hope “the band” is merely in it’s gestation period with Phil Hartman as the “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer” handling the negotiations.

Dave will be truly and deeply missed!! It was a privilege to know him and have the opportunity in life to warm my hands over Brockie fire…..”

5) As a fan, do you have a favorite GWAR story? How have the Scumdogs affected your life… go!

TANNON: I have been very lucky to grow up watching GWAR transform into the world dominant beast that it is today. I am also very lucky to have people that I consider dear friends within the GWAR organization. Our good Scumdogs have always been a very gracious band in helping other bands and visual artists out. They have provided a crucial platform for so many along the way. GWAR is an institution that will persevere and endure!! This year’s GWAR-B-Q is a testament to exactly that!! We all look forward to the next chapter, wherever it may go.