GWAR Releases Video Statement and Announces Creation of Dave Brockie Foundation

(Photo Courtesy of Katherine Leatherwood)

(Photo Courtesy of Katherine Leatherwood)

GWAR and Slave Pit Inc. would like to thank the fans and friends for the outpouring of love after the passing of our dear friend Dave Brockie. Our intention is to honor Dave, preserve his legacy and continue to share his brilliant works with the world. With that being said, GWAR and Slave Pit Inc. are proud to announce the creation of The Dave Brockie Foundation.

A video message from GWAR and Slave Pit Inc. addressing the fans can be viewed below:


“The Dave Brockie Foundation is a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts. It will endeavor to encourage promising talents, as well as preserving the legacy of Dave’s body of works. It intends to be a support system to those who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of creativity. The Dave Brockie Foundation will be a resource for artists in the fields of music, film, literature and all visual arts who cannot find funding through mainstream channels. The DBF will also strive to catalog and preserve Dave’s vast collection of original images, recordings and written words, and make them available for the world to appreciate. The foundation’s first goal is to finance the creation of a memorial monument in Richmond, Virginia to provide the world with a place to pay respects to the memory of a very cherished man.”

Donations can be made to The Dave Brockie Foundation at

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Dave Brockie – August 30, 1963 – March 23, 2014



Jack Flanagan, manager of GWAR has issued this official statement:

On behalf of Dave Brockie’s family, Slave Pit Inc. and GWAR, we would like to thank all the loyal fans worldwide for the outpouring of love and support shown to us over the past few days. Knowing that we have such amazing family, friends and fans is truly helping us all get through this tough time.

We are awaiting a toxicology report from the medical examiners office to confirm the cause of death. The medical examiners office has informed us that the results can take one to three months to be processed. Standard protocol exists that a toxicology procedure be performed.

We have made funeral arrangements and a private memorial has been scheduled for close friends and family.

As Dave and Oderus would have wanted, this year’s GWAR-B-Q scheduled for August 16th at Hadad’s Lake (7900 Osborne Turnpike Richmond, VA) will still take place as planned. We have scheduled the Dave Brockie public memorial to take place the day prior to the GWAR-B-Q, Friday August 15th, also at Hadad’s Lake.

More information shall be released as the details are confirmed.

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Fifth Annual GWAR-B-Q Confirmed for August 16th in Richmond, VA at Hadad’s Water Park

GWAR-BQ 2014

Presented by Slave Pit Inc. and Ring Dog Rescue

Antarctic rock-gods GWAR have confirmed SATURDAY AUGUST 16th as the date for this year’s GWAR-B-Q!!!  That’s right, the heaviest, and most brutal summer festival ever, the GWAR-B-Q! This year marks its fifth anniversary with the most insane chapter in its blood-soaked history. So get ready to meet the meat at the fifth anniversary of the GWAR-B-Q!

“This truly auspicious event is going to far surpass all other GWAR-B-Q’s in terms of bodies consumed on our never-ending altars of gluttony,” said Oderus Urungus, lead front-thing. “Plus there will be more places to go to the bathroom than ever before”.

The event presented by Slave Pit Inc and Ring Dog Rescue is scheduled to take place SATURDAY AUGUST 16th, 2014 at Hadad’s Water Park in Richmond, VA, located at 7900 Osbourne Turnpike.  Doors will open at 10:00 AM and the first band will hit the stage at 11:00 AM.  For more information be sure to visit:  Ticket information will be announced shortly.

Once again Hadad’s will host not one, but TWO stages which will be packed with bands all day…while we can’t announce the lineup yet, rest assured that this will be the biggest and best GWAR-B-Q lineup ever!

So get ready for the 5th birthday of what is becoming the sickest festival of the summer…the GWAR-B-Q is back

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2013’s GWAR B-Q, considered by many metal fans to be the most important slaughter-fest of the summer, returned to Richmond, Virginia on August 17. And in addition to the musical mayhem that it’s known for, this year’s blood-soaked extravaganza also brought the long-awaited GWAR Beer to thirsty bohabs (look it up) from all over the world who had made their pilgrimage to the band’s unhallowed ground zero.

Read More:

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The time for GWAR to address the nation is NOW. Every year people complain about who the halftime show is going to feature, now we are telling you who we want: WE WANT GWAR in 2015!

Why should articles like “Bruno Mars Announced For Super Bowl Halftime Show, Gwar Waits Until Next Year (Again)” (from Screen Junkies) be a joke? We don’t want another year of sitting around talking through a muted, boring NFL Super Bowl halftime show.

We want something different. We want a real spectacle that only GWAR can provide. Doesn’t the NFL want more viewers? Don’t advertisers want more people paying attention? This way everyone wins. Plus, GWAR’s relationship with American football is one of the strongest in music.

Front man Dave Brockie writes a football column for called “Necessary Roughness” even the “The Dan Patrick Show” has an Oderous mask on display. It’s been suggested by Sports Illustrated that GWAR should become mascots! NFL must listen to the people. GWAR is more American than apple pie.

Click to sign, share, and show your support.!

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Spew-O-Lympics Contestants List and a Ton of Other Stuff About upcoming GWAR-B-Q Announced

With the biggest, sickest, most debauched party of the summer drawing inexorably closer, Slave Pit Inc. today released “a butt-load” of last-minute details about their 4th annual “GWAR-B-Q”, to be held Sat., Aug. 17th at Hadad’s Water Park in Richmond, Va. The event will be held RAIN OR SHINE. Nothing short of nuclear holocaust can stop GWAR, and even that is highly debatable…the GWAR B-Q is on, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

As far as tickets are concerned please pay close attention– everybody who bought an e-ticket online must have a hard copy of EACH TICKET for entry–that means following all the links provided in the email that was sent to you and printing a hardcopy of every ticket. That means if you bought more than one ticket, you must have copies for every individual ticket purchased, so be sure to follow every link and print everything you can. YOU MUST HAVE HARD COPIES OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL TICKET IN ORDER TO GAIN ADMITTANCE. Klar? Klar! That’s “clear” for us Americans.

Deluxe ticket sales have ended, but official GWAR-B-Q 2013 t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event. There will also be raffle tickets available at the merch booth with your chance to win any number of a host of valuable prizes. (See Below) There will be no weapons, pets, video cameras or glass allowed anywhere within Hadads, and backpacks and coolers will be checked by Hadad’s security at the gate. Remember GWAR fans, we are guests at Hadads, and if we want to continue this fine tradition we must respects the perfectly reasonable requests of our host…plus GWAR commands it!

No effort has been spared to make this the most spectacular GWAR B-Q yet, and this year that includes providing the faithful GWAR fans with a skate park truly worthy of a GWAR B-Q. A legion of slaves has been laboring ceaselessly to create it, and their efforts are a complete GO, featuring a half-pipe, ¼ pipes, a fun box (whatever the hell that is), grind rails, and finally a bike launch ramp, supplied by FBM Bike Co. These are all open to the public so bring your skate, bike, or rocket-sled.

Of course the memory of GWAR’s departed Scumdog brother, Flattus Maximus, will always be with us, and many flagons of GWAR BEER (brewed especially for the GWAR B-Q by Tampa’s Cigar City Brewery) will be hoisted to honor his legend. There will be a special “Flattus Shrine” booth set up full of Smoot shirts and music, and all proceeds garnered here will go straight to the Smoot Family Fund.

Finally, there will be a car pool available for anybody that gets too loopy to pilot their vehicle. This does not mean for you to drive your car into the pool, it means you can get a free ride if you are too wasted. The safety of our fans and other humans is of the highest priority for the Slave-Pit, so your soul can be saved for GWAR’s to do with as they please. Please check the schedules at or or in order to ensure everybody has a accident-free GWAR-B-Q experience.

Spew-Lympian Ian Hussey demonstrates part of grueling training ritual

Slave Pit also announced the participants in this years Spew-O-Lympics, the second time the GWAR-B-Q has hosted this semi-aquatic flail-fest. Contestants were required to submit a short essay on why they felt they should be considered to participate in this hallowed event, the top selections being picked by the band themselves (in a completely random manner).

“We are pleased not only to announce the winners, but are also surprised that forty of our fans could actually write a semi-coherent collection of words, let alone string them together in a coherent fashion”, said GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus. “For this effort they will be allowed to flail, flop, and flagellate themselves in front of a jeering crowd, as they are pelted with garbage…all for valuable prizes!”

To get the full listing of the winners on the band’s official Facebook page at, or the official GWAR B-Q website at .The contestants must get to the registration area (near the merch. booth) as quickly as possible after doors open at 10:30, in order to get their nickname and number and prepare for the first event, which starts promptly at 12:30.

A sampling of some of the amazing prizes available–and yes, that is a real guitar

The prize packages are full of valuable GWAR merchandise, though it looks like our grand prize, the “S.S. Boat” may have exploded and sank in an unexplained accident that “killed a lot of guys”.

“It’s a complete tragedy,” said eyewitness James Nasium. “My car got dirty.”

Unfortunately, the organizers of the event are sad to announce the cancellation of the band LOINCLOTH from the days festivities. Guitar player Tannon Penland and members of his family were involved in a serious, but non-life threatening automobile accident, that will make it impossible for the band to perform. Said injured band member Tannon Penland from his hospital bed…

Loincloth guitar player Tannon Penland

“I am truly fucking bummed between doses of morphine and dilaudid that Loincloth cannot be slaughtering alongside our many mighty brothers, mutants, and sisters at this year’s GWAR-B-Q. We shall return!” There is no word yet as to whether or not the empty slot will be filled.

Rain or shine, it’s all systems GO for this years most debauched gathering of the summer and the greatest GWAR-B-Q in history. See all of you faithful bohabs there at Hadad’s, Aug. 17th, 2013! HAIL FLATTUS, HAIL THE BOHABS…AND HAIL GWAR!!!

GWAR is set to release Battle Maximus their 13th studio album, and their first since legendary Scumdog Flattus Maximus returned to the stars to fulfill his cosmic destiny. The album will be available September 17th via Metal Blade Records. Check out the first track, “Madness at the Core of Time” and pre-order your copy of Battle Maximus HERE.

GWAR’s Battle Maximus features twelve brand new tracks that not only honor their departed ally, but tells the story of GWAR’s latest struggle against what may be their greatest enemy yet…the insidious “Mr. Perfect”, who has travelled through time itself to steal the power of GWAR–the power of immortality, and use this power to mutate the human race into his twisted vision of what the “perfect” human should be. Once again GWAR finds themselves as the only thing standing between the human race and the latest super-powered shithead bent on the destruction of GWAR and the enslavement of their worshippers.

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GWAR-B-Q Deluxe Tickets go off sale August 1st

GWAR-B-Q Deluxe Tickets go off sale August 1st, which entitles you to not only the regular ticket but an official GWAR-B-Q shirt that was “rubbed on Beefcake’s ass at one point or another”.
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Brutal GWAR B-Q and Brew” Aug 3

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(The Grill Ghoul and his next victim prepare for the GWAR-B-Q)

But you can check out the new “GWAR-B-Q Sauce” Commercial RIGHT NOW!

For months the Slave Pit has been the scene of frantic activity as the Slaves of GWAR have been busily preparing for this year’s 4th annual GWAR B-Q, to be held Sat., Aug. 17th, at Hadad’s Water Park in Richmond, VA. Today those same Slaves gave us more details about the various events, attractions, and generous sponsors to an event that not only grows every year, but actually gets COOLER.

The fun starts at 10:00 AM and the bands start at 11:00 AM. The line-up is relentless as two stages blast band after killer band…only to be killed by the mighty GWAR as the headliners of this incredible event! The Spew-O-Lympics, kick off at 12:30 PM. This is the 2nd annual staging of this epic struggle of man and woman versus gravity and spew.

Go to to get the full line-up.

Quoth Oderus, “The planets have aligned, the custard is mustard, and the cows have come home. Despite that, we are gonna throw the biggest GWAR-B-Q ever. I don’t know how we will ever top this one…but then I remember…we are the mighty GWAR!”

(This used to be a cow…)

You can never have enough meat at a GWAR-B-Q and this year strenuous measures have been put into place to ensure everyone gets their fill of filthy flesh. In fact, Balsac the Jaws of Death, will be hosting his own personal “Butt-Baking Booth” where no less than 20 butts of dubious origin shall be carved into quivering mounds of moistened meat and then distributed to the slavering masses as GWAR-B-Q Sandwiches. In case you missed it, GWAR has their own GWAR B-Q Sauce now, and made this special commercial to honor it!

(Someone’s in the kitchen with Balasc…)

Also joining the festivities will be the insane freaks from the FBM Bike Co. who will have a ramp open to the general public from which you people can your propel drunken asses high into the air, hopefully hitting the lake when you land.

Another last minute addition to the days insanity is none other that film legend John Russo, producer and co-writer to the original “Night of the Living Dead”, undeniably one of the most influential movies in horror history. John will be n the vending area throughout the day to sign stuff, answer questions (especially from all of you wanna-be young movie-makers), and promote his latest project, the horror movie “Midnight”, which is currently in production. The GWAR-B-Q is happy to welcome John aboard!

Just check out the list of sponsors who are contributing all kinds of stuff to make this the greatest GWAR-B-Q ever! See ya there!

Cigar City Brewery-
Brown Distributors
Monster Energy
Genesee Beer
Metal Blade Records-
Sined snowboards
Capita Snowboards
Indie Merch-
Hellcat Design Group-
Eco Supply-
Wythken Printing-
Custom Signs-
2BNB Bus-

As usual you can keep up with all the latest details regarding the sickest event of the summer, buy tickets and check out the countdown clock at

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Watch GWAR BQ BREW Commercial!

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