1) What would possess you to join forces with the Scumdogs of the Universe for the 2014 GWAR B Q?

SEBASTAIN – It’s a great opportunity to play a unique show with some of Richmonds finest!

2) What can people expect from your set?

HARLEY – A fast energetic mass which will be over before you know it. 

3) They say the GWAR B Q is the “wildest party anywhere”… What are you looking forward to the most about it?

TRAVIS – I was told that there will be slip & slides with Colt 45 instead of water. That should be rad. I’m also stoked to hang out with Ice-T.

4) Now that the GWAR-B-Q will also serve as a tribute to Dave Brockie and Oderus Urangus, do you have any personal reflections on the man and/or the myth and how that shapes your involvement with the event this year?

SEBASTIAN – I, unfortunately, never had a chance to meet him but there is no denying that he was an integral part of the Richmond scene. He gave many of our favorite bands their big break by taking them on tour, so he has directly and indirectly influenced what we do as Noisem.

5) As a fan, do you have a favorite GWAR story? How have the Scumdogs affected your life… go!

SEBASTIAN – As a kid I was given a CD/DVD collection from Metal Blade chronicling their 20th anniversary. I found out about many bands from that compilation including Sacred Reich, Kings X and Lizzy Borden. The one band/video that stood out to me however was GWAR “Sick Of You.”  Being a huge KISS and Alice Cooper fan since childhood seeing and hearing GWAR all I could think was “this is some next level shit.” It blew me away, I’ve been a fan ever since.