OCCULTIST – Interview with JIM

1) What would possess you to join forces with the Scumdogs of the Universe for the 2014 GWAR B Q?

JIM: When you are summoned by intergalactic mutant overlords- you heed the call, there isn’t a whole lot of “choice” in the matter.

2) What can people expect from your set?

JIM: I’d rather that people come in with no expectations and possibly come away surprised. 

3) They say the GWAR B Q is the “wildest party anywhere”… What are you looking forward to the most about it?

JIM: I will be working the event as well as playing it so my partying will be limited during the day. I look forward to seeing friends from all over that I don’t get to see everyday, watching more vomit and painful belly flops into the lake, all of the bands and especially GWAR’s set of course. It will be my birthday at midnight so as soon as my responsibilities end I plan on getting annihilated on a galactic scale.

4) Now that the GWAR-B-Q will also serve as a tribute to Dave Brockie and Oderus Urungus, do you have any personal reflections on the man and/or the myth and how that shapes your involvement with the event this year?

JIM: Dave Murray Brockie was friend to most of us in Occultist and a supporter of what we were doing early on- there are many reflections that can be made upon such a larger than life figure. It has been said before but let it be said again: If you were doing something creative in Richmond VA or abroad and it piqued his interest- he wanted to help however he could and went out of his way to do so, like so many we all miss him. He wanted us on this before he passed and we hope to honor his memory the best way we know how- Journey Eternal Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus!

5) As a fan, do you have a favorite GWAR story? How have the Scumdogs affected your life… go!

They have affected my life in numerous ways from being a fan, to a crewmember, to now being friends- their impact on my life is large and to narrow it to one single favorite story is difficult.

So I will share one of the stranger ones that happened a few years ago when driving the truck for them after leaving a show in Salt Lake City UT. I was headed East and a State Trooper Pulled me over and after getting out of his car, he immediately proceeded to climb into the truck cab from the passenger side, acting very nervous with his sidearm upholstered. I was trying not to shit myself with fear so I calmly offered him my license and rental agreement for the vehicle with hands where he could see them. He sternly asked me what the “red substance” was leaking onto the highway from the box of the truck and then it dawned on me that this guy probably thought I was some kind of serial killer. Once I said that I work for the band GWAR he relaxed immediately (thankfully he knew who they were) and put his gun away (whew!). I showed him our tour-book and then he started small talking me and joking around. I asked if he needed me to crack the truck and show him the leaking spew hose cases, he said that wasn’t necessary and tried to then back-peddle (feeling embarrassed I think) saying that the real reason he pulled me over was because the truck was swerving (it wasn’t) and gave me a warning. I wonder if any real highway trucker killers have used this same GWAR excuse…